About us

At Tabor Bread, we believe that good food is key to a healthy community. Our diverse local, organic and transitional-organic grains are milled in-house to maintain their essence. Our long fermentation process harnesses the power of wild yeasts to create nuanced flavors, toothsome textures and a bread that is easier to digest. We strive to capture the Northwest spirit in each loaf — freshness and a commitment to our regional food-shed are at the center of our business model.


Do you want to be known for making exceptional breads and pastries? Throughout the year, we offer Bread Baking Classes. Check out this link for more information.

Culinary Students

We accept interns and externs both from the area and internationally. Email us with your resume — info@taborbread.com


Our cafe serves as a community gathering place for engagement with local writers, speakers and musicians sharing their passions. We also offer demonstrations and can speak at your next event. Contact us for more information — info@taborbread.com

Owner & Visionary

Ovner photo

Before opening Tabor Bread, Tissa had many years of small-scale, back yard, wood fired baking experience in California. Her friend, renowned oven designer/builder Alan Scott, introduced her to the perfect loaf of whole wheat bread, which planted the seed that would grow into Tabor Bread many years later. After initially being attracted to Portland as a world-famous Tango destination, Tissa realized that it was the ideal city in which to attempt to re-envision that perfect loaf of bread. Our Red Wheat Boule is the result of that vision – an 100% whole-grain loaf made with locally-grown, house-milled grains.


Staff photo 1

Daniel: back-of-house manager

Staff photo 2

Katrina: front-of-house manager

Staff photo 3

Ryan and Henry: holding down the kitchen

Staff photo 4

Amanda: pastry lead

Staff photo 4

John, Patty and Nicole, bread bakers extraordinaire