Duration: 3 Hours
Price: $85

Are you curious about sourdough bread baking? Do you love our bread and want to learn more about it? Connect with other bakers in your community that share your passion for this artisan process by signing up for our Sourdough 101 introductory class!

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Whether you’re new to baking or are already baking bread at home and have specific questions, this class will give you a comprehensive look at the ‘no-knead’ sourdough bread baking process. Join one of our head bakers as we cover everything from using your natural starters, to a proven cast-iron skillet baking method. At the end of class, you’ll not only enjoy fresh from the oven loaves, but you’ll go home with the dough that you mixed and shaped (in a bread basket), as well as a sourdough starter for future projects, and a network of bakers from your community to connect with!

Sign up, and let’s become better bakers together!